I can't do this anymore

Kate became a detective of sorts when she took Clint's dog Lucky and left Team Hawkeye for Los Angeles in the hope of getting some time away from Clint whose poor choices were driving her mad. When she arrived in Los Angles she tried to check into a hotel only to discover that her father cut her off. In order to stay in Los Angles she needed a job and what was a better fit than becoming a hero for hire. She billed herself as "half super hero / half private eye" and began to investigate cases.

Her first case saw her finding a rare orchid that had been stolen from a florist that was intended to be for a couple named Marcus and Finch's wedding. She was hired by the pair when she had come by to ask to use their printer so she could print her Hero for Hire ads. She was able to recover the orchid but she inadvertently pissed off Madame Masque who had hired the thief to steal the orchids for her bath.

Her second case saw her helping a once famous musician, Will Bryson discover who stole his lost "masterwork" and released it in pieces on the Internet. When she tried to help him she found his brother's 'nurses' were actually goons for hire who had been charged with keeping Will hostage at least until his brother died. His terminally ill brother had stolen the "masterwork" in an effort to drag Will down with him. While the conclusion of the case wasn't at all satisfying she gave Will the confidence to play music publicly once more.

Her final case found her facing Madame Masque once more as she was caught in the middle of a vengeance plot. Masque pinned the murder of one of Kate's new friends on her and then burned down her home. Kate was able to avoid the police and infiltrate Madame Masque's mansion where she found evidence that Masque was using LMD technology to extend the life of the high class. She was able to turn Masque in to S.H.I.E.L.D.