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Kate Bishop is the youngest daughter of wealthy Manhattanites Derek and Eleanor Bishop. She was raised alongside of her older sister Susan and the two of them remained very close even into adulthood. As a child she was treated to frequent vacations with her family. It was on one of those vacations, a skiing trip to Boulder, Colorado that her mother passed away.

As she grew older she discovered that her father had ties to organized crime after witnessing him attacking another man one night in her study. Ever the curious and fearless child Kate took it upon herself to find out more. She followed him to a meet up with a small time villain ‘El Matador' only to get caught after her father left the meeting.

El Matador used the opportunity to hold her for ransom. Kate wasn't willing to go easy and attempted an escape. She was seen and was about to be caught when an arrow flew past serving as a distraction. That arrow had been fired by Clint Barton or 'Hawkeye' of the Avengers when the team showed up to save her. She was impressed with their abilities but even more impressed with Clint whose skills didn't come from a super power but from practice and training. It was that event that led to Kate's interest in archery.

After her interactions Kate became uncomfortable with her family's fortune due to the knowledge that it was 'dirty' money. She began trying to emulate her mother, an active philanthropist, by sending more time and money at the city's soup kitchens and women's shelters.

She continued in this way, strong and confident society girl with a high interest in philanthropic causes until a night months before her sister Susan's wedding when she was sexually assaulted while walking through Central Park. The event left her feeling traumatized and isolated and brought back the feeling of helplessness she initially felt when she was held for ransom by El Matador. The event renewed her interest in archery and super heroes and she threw herself into training in various forms of self-defense and combat. During those few months she became proficient in the basics of archery, swordplay, and martial arts.

It was at her sister's wedding at St. Patrick's Cathedral where she initially was able to put her new skills to use when it was attacked by five gunmen. The fledgling 'Young Avengers' tried to save Kate and the other guests but only succeeded in starting a fire and being taken hostage themselves. Kate took charge and saved the guests and The Young Avengers by using a member of the team, Patriot's, throwing stars and a gunman's pistol and used it to overthrow the attackers.

After the attack Kate encountered Cassie Lang, daughter of deceased Ant Man Scott Lang, who explains she's looking for the Young Avengers. The two girls decided to go to the old Avengers Mansion in search of the young team. When they arrive their encounter with the Young Avengers ends abruptly when Kang the Conqueror attacks. During the battle the girls show their skills when Cassie uses her powers to become giant while Kate takes the weapons of several former Avengers (Mockingbird's mask and staves, Swordman's sword, Black Widow's utility belt, and Hawkeye's bow and arrows) and uses them with ease.

After the battle with Kang the Conqueror the team was ordered to disband by Captain America and Iron Man. Kate refused and instead used her family's money and connections to procure a new lair, costumes, and better weapons for the team. It was this action that led her to being made not only a member but one of the unofficial co-leaders of the team.

Joining the young Avengers was the event that started Kate's superhero career but it was Captain America that gave her the name 'Hawkeye' and Clint Barton's old bow and arrows. She rose above the other Young Avengers and became the new Hawkeye in Clint Barton's absence (he was dead at the time).

After Clint's revival they began a tumultuous rivalry that eventually led to a close friendship and professional partnership between the two Hawkeyes.