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Kate Bishop is a regular human with no abilities or powers beyond the techniques she learned prior to becoming a hero. She only had her natural athleticism and wits about her. At a young age her abilities are beyond that of many teenagers and unlike her super-powered peers it is solely because of her hard work.

Kate is a skilled martial artist trained in basic self-defense as well as boxing, kickboxing, jiu jitsu and several other forms of unarmed combat. She is also an adept swords-woman. She is skilled in fencing, although she doesn't use her skills with the sabre, epee, or foil in battle. The extent and variety of swords she is trained to use is not known she is shown as being well versed with the broadsword originally owned by Swordsman. Additionally, while she never uses them she appears to have had training with battle staves as Mockingbird's weapon of choice was one of those Kate raided from the Avengers mansion.

In addition to all of that Kate is also an master archer. This is her forte. She is incredibly talented and has only been bested by Clint, although she has bested him in other aspects. She initially fought using a bow of her own creation but after Captain America gave her Hawkeye's bow she fought with that until Clint's revival forced her to give it back. This is especially impressive as the bow wouldn't have been the best fit for Kate's body. Clint is about 10 inches taller than Kate and his bow would have been fitted to his height and strength, for Kate to use it with such proficiency speaks to her talent with the weapon.

Kate is also a force to be reckoned with outside of battle. She is a natural leader and isn't afraid to speak her mind. She is also a talented Cellist.