the girl of your dreams

Kate became Hawkeye when she proved to be a powerhouse that could more than keep up with the initially all-male Young Avengers team. She quickly rose through the ranks to become a team leader and together they faced a number of challenges including the return of Scarlet Witch and the death of one of their own. After only a short time the pressures of being a teenage hero became too much and they disbanded and grew apart. Kate kept in contact with Billy (Wiccan) and Teddy (Hulkling) and when a new team of Young Avengers formed the three of them were the only ones who returned to the team full time. The first set of Young Avengers were the ones who made Kate Hawkeye while the second served to provide Kate with a solid team whenever she wasn't running solo or working with Clint.

Kate's adventures with the second iteration of the Young Avengers began after a one night stand with Noh-Varr, a young Kree who established a satellite base in the Earth's orbit so that he wouldn't have to leave. The two were caught up in a fight with some Skrulls when Kate realized that her friend Billy hadn't answered her texts. She tracked down Billy, Teddy, Loki (who was still a child following the Siege of Asgard), and America Chavez were being held captive by a foe that impersonated their parents. Kate and Noh-Varr saved the other Young Avengers and came up with a plan to banish the foe that had taken the place of their parents.

Following their initial mission the new Young Avengers began adventuring through space using Noh-Varr's ship. They found themselves drawn back to earth when another former Young Avenger, Billy's brother Tommy (Speed) was captured by a phantom impersonating their old team mate Patriot. The enemy turned out to be the same villain who had taken over their parents. The villain, called mother captured Hulking and Prodigy (who joined them to save Tommy) during their attempt to escape. The team had to recruit alternate versions of the Young Avengers to help them fight back.

In the end they were able to get away but during the mission Noh-Varr abandoned Kate for a version of his ex-girlfriend from a different reality. Kate broke up with him and danced with Tommy instead. While Kate remains close with most of the Young Avengers she doesn't fight alongside them regularly. Instead she returns to Team Hawkeye and engages in a more casual non-mission style friendship with her allies.